Phase I Investigations : Geotechnical, Environmental & Ecological Services

Phase I Desk Studies/Due Dilligence Audits

Phase I Assessments are required by regulatory bodies for any new development from a single dwelling upwards as part of the recently revised (2008) national Planning process (Standard Planning Application Form — 1APP). Local authorities also utilise Phase 1 Assessments to determine potential areas of contaminated land under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

GEG also undertake Phase I due dilligence assessments for financial institutions to ascertain the extent of likely contamination liability associated with sites for investment purposes.

Phase I Assessments are undertaken in accordance with current guidence (such as CLR11) and include:

  • Site Walkover Survey
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (current/historical land use)
  • Geological and Hydrological (flood) and Hydrogeological Risk Assessment
  • Local Authority /Environment Agency Searches
  • Geotechnical Risk Assessment
  • Mining Assessment (where required)
  • Potential Ecological Risks Assessment (where required)
  • EPA 1990 Part IIA Issues
  • Outline Abnormal Costing for Developments (where required)

GEG's staff have extensive experience of undertaking Phase I Assessments for sites ranging from small single residential and office developments through large retail development superstores and extensive industrial estates to former gasworks, docklands and colliery schemes and many residential developments in excess of 150 plots.

GEG undertake Phase I Assessments for a variety of clients including regulatory authorities, financial institutions, commercial and residential developers and commercial agents.